Hand-Made Appetizers

Minimum of 4 dozen per selection

Assorted bruchetta w/ crustini

Ratatouille frittata squares w/ a fennel crust and souffle topping

Five spice chicken in crisp won ton shells

Knishes (potato, kasha or veg. potato)

Mushroom turnovers

Kreplach (Jewish style dumpling stuffed w/meat, chicken or veggies)

Falafel bites w/ tzatziki sauce

Stuffed cabbage (stuffed w/ meat or soy & rice in a sweet & sour sauce)

Swedish meatballs (24 count per dozen ordered)

Steamed dumplings w/ dipping sauce (chicken, pork or veggie)

Assorted puffed pastries (Marsala mushroom, very veggie , spinach & feta)

Phyllo Stroganoff rolls


Spring rolls

Grilled veggie strudel w/ goat cheese

Rice paper veggie & rice rolls

Minimum 4 dozen per selection

Smoked salmon rolled w/ lime cheese w/ caviar

Orange chili glazed shrimp w/ pineapple

Seafood stuffed mushrooms

California rolls

Lemon caper scallops in puffed pastry

Sauteed scallops w/ lime vinaigrette

Teriyaki salmon rolls

Grilled veggie & shrimp strudel w/ goat cheese

Nori stacks w/ smoked salmon

Asparagus straws w/ prosciuto & cheese

Gourmet stuffed breads & focaccia pizza triangles

Roasted pepper, caramelized onions & fontina cheese

Grilled eggplant, porto bella mushroom & provolone

Roasted garlic, spinach, mushroom & mozzarella

Ham, salami & provolone


Hand-Made Appetizers(cont.)

(gourmet pizza triangles)

Quiche Selections


Artichoke & goat cheese

Sundried tomato & wild mushrooms

Broccoli & cheddar


Smoked salmon, cream cheese & chive

Spinach mushroom & feta cheese


Stuffed caps (mushrooms)




Goat cheese, spinach & bacon

And more!

New Appetizers always being created

If you don't see it ask about it!!

 Requests are always welcomed!!

Menu's can be made for your party.

A per person price will depend on selections

Appetizers will flow for the amount of hours requested!!!


Party Platters

Platters range in size, beginning with serving 30 people


Assorted premium cheeses & crackers presented on a platter, garnished with seasonal greens

Antipasto Platter-

Assorted cheeses, salami, pepperoni, procuito wrapped in melon, olives, roasted peppers, chickpeas, peppercinos, assorted premium crackers & bread

Vegetable Platter

Assorted seasonal vegetables presented on a platter with two dips. Garnished with seasonal greens.

Fruit Platter

Assorted seasonal fruit presented on a platter with mango or strawberry dip. Garnished with seasonal greens.

Spread Platter-

Your choice of 3 spreads served with premium crackers, chips, pita or flats. Humus(green chili or roasted garlic), Indian chickpea spread, babaganoush, vegetarian pate', salmon spread, garlic, cheese & herb pate' ,black bean, sweet potato spread or salsa (tomato & corn, avocado or tomato).

Hot Artichoke Dip available at an additional cost


Assorted Pastry Platters-

Three pastries chosen from the dessert menu

Cold Salad Platter

Assorted cold salads including: tuna, egg,* whitefish, chicken, vegetarian pate' (choose 3) garnished w/ lettuce, tomato, onion & sprouts (most salads made with celery & carrot, onion on request)


Lox & Cream Cheese Platter-

Smoked nova lox, plattered w/ your choice of ( 3) cream cheese spreads: scallion, chive, vegetable, plain or strudel. Garnished w/ lemon, lettuce, tomato, onion & capers


Party Platters(cont.)

   Grilled & Steamed Vegetable Platter

Assorted seasonal vegetables presented on a platter with two dips.

Dips: peanut sauce, pesto, tomato herb, honey mustard or horseradish

Foccacia Sandwiches-


Minimum of 2 dozen per selection (additional 15% for less)

Includes Relish Tray

Sandwiches garnished w/ lettuce, tomato, onion or roasted peppers

served with horseradish sauce, grain mustard or Russian dressing


Choices: Oven roasted turkey, honey ham, roast beef, corned beef, salami, assorted cheeses, vegetarian pate, humus w/ assorted fresh veggies

Grilled veggies w/ horseradish sauce, grain mustard

Rolls by the dozen are available for your platters


(Minimum of 2 dozen each kind)

Challah (egg bread), organic whole wheat, white, rye

Assorted breads

Prices vary - please inquire when ordering

Challah, pumpernickel, rye, french, white & more!!!!

Bagels can be provided w/ platters

Platter Presentations We offer a unique way to present your platter by using a variety of white willow baskets, elegant china, creative garnish, accents with runners, overlays and linen napkins.

Service charge for the set-up of presentations will be estimated by time.

All presentation items must be washed and put in supplied boxes, tables and linens folded up. Deposits required with presentations.


Service provided by Culinary Creations is always an option.













Our Home-made Stuffed Breakfast Breads

Eggs, spinach, mushrooms, onions & feta

Eggs, peppers, onions, sun dried tomatoes, Colby cheese & ham

Eggs, bacon, green onion & cheese


Selections on other page

Assorted biscotti, apple & pear strudel, double fudge brownies

Seasonal fruit

Coffee, tea & juice

<< Menus can be changed to fit your parties needs. >>

Omelette Brunch

Minimum of 50

Assorted homemade bread, assorted muffins, assorted biscotti, cinnamon sticky buns

Omelette station (made to order, by chef)

 Includes: caramelized onions, roasted peppers, diced fresh peppers, sautéed spinach, broccoli, feta, Swiss &prov. cheese, sauteed mushrooms, bacon & ham

Potatoes(choose 1)

breakfast, hash browns, roasted red, and sauteed w/ onions & pepper.

Seasonal Fruit Presentation

Assorted Spreads: Humus, vegetable cream cheese & plain cream cheese

Lox platter garnished w/ lemon & capers


Tuna, Egg, Chicken, Vegetarian Pate’

(choose two)

Assorted juice, coffe & tea

Brunch (cont.)

Salad Bar & Carving Station

Salad Bar Items:

Mixed Greens, Carrots, Peppers, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Onions, Sprouts, Radishes, Olives, Chopped Eggs, Artichokes, Marinated Beets, Potato Salad, Barley & Wild Rice Salad, Chickpeas, Assorted Cheeses


Assorted Dressings: Balsamic Vinaigrette, Italian Sun dried Tomato, Vidalia Onion & Russian

Assorted Home-made Bread

Carving Station:

Made to order sandwiches

Fresh Roasted Turkey & Herb Crusted Beef

served w/ Russian, Horseradish Sauce, Dijon or Mayo

Dessert Buffet:

Fresh Seasonal Fruit, Assorted Biscotti, Apple Strudel & Double Fudge Brownies

Coffee & Iced Tea 


Menu can be changed to fit your parties needs

Luncheon Menu Selections

Includes: home-made bread, salad, seasonal fruit platter, dessert, coffee & tea

Salmon Croquette

Fresh salmon mixed w/ vegetables & fresh herbs served with horseradish sauce or lemon caper sauce and mixed green salad

Culinary Creations Meat Chili or

Vegetarian Chili w/ bulgar wheat

A combination of beef, beans, assorted peppers, onions & tomatoes served with rice, cheese & sour cream and cornbread

Focaccia Sandwiches with

Oven roasted turkey or

 Herb crusted beef or

Grilled veggies

  served w/ lettuce, tomato, horseradish sauce, Russian dressing or Dijon mustard w/ pasta salad, coleslaw or potato salad & relishes

Orange Chili Glazed Chicken

w/ spinach salad garnished w/ pineapple, feta cheese & sesame seeds served w/ pita bread

Teriyaki Chicken & Bok Choy Salad

Grilled Chicken w/ Bok Choy Cabbage, Carrots, Slivered Almonds, Crunchy Noodles & Toasted Sesame Seeds w/ Bread

Chicken Caesar Salad

 Traditional Caesar Dressing, Romaine Lettuce, Croutons garnished w/ anchovies served w/ Marinated & Grilled Chicken Breast & Garlic Focaccia Bread.

Piled High Taco Salad

 Ground Turkey & Beans sauteed w/ our special sauce. Served on shredded lettuce & topped w/ tomatoes, olives, cheese, sour cream, chopped onions & shredded carrots

Served w/ Tortilla chips


 w/ mixed green salad & seasonal fruit

Choices: (Spinach, Mushroom Feta), (Broccoli & Cheddar),

(Southwestern w/ peppers, onions, black beans & jack cheese),

(Salmon, Chive & Cream cheese)

More on sheet

Balsamic Herb Tuna and Egg Salad

Tuna mixed with herbs, balsamic vinegar, celery, carrots and mayo, traditional egg salad and mixed greens


Primo Italian Buffet


Salad Station

Ceasar Salad


(Assorted Cheeses, Salami, Pepperoni, Prosciuto, Olives, Roasted Peppers, Chickpeas &Peppercinos)

Garlic Bread

Sesame Baguettes w/ Herb Olive Oil

Pasta Bar

Linguine & Pene


Pesto, Eggplant, Oil & Garlic w/ Sun dried Tomatoes, Marinara, Vodka Sauce or

Entre (Choose 2)\

Eggplant Rollatine or Parmesan

Chicken w/ Lemon Caper Sauce, Cacciatora, Francaise or Marsala

Pork Tenderloin

All of above served on a bed of rice pilaf

Dessert Station

Assorted Cheesecake, Assorted Biscotti,

Assorted Pastries, Hand Dipped Strawberries

Coffee & Tea


    The Italian Buffet


Culinary Creation's Caesar Salad

Garlic Baguettes

Eggplant Rollatine or Eggplant Parmesan

Pasta Choice

Pene or Rigatoni

(Choose 2 Sauce)

Pesto ~ Oil & Garlic w/ Sun dried Tomatoes ~ Vodka ~ Fra Diablo

 Entree Choice (Choose 1)

Chicken Medallions over Rice

Selections: Francaise, Garlic & Wine, Lemon Caper Sauce, Caccitore or Marsala


Assorted Biscotti & Cheesecake


Traditional Lasagne Dinner

(Beef or Vegetarian)


Mixed Green Salad w/ choice of Ranch, Italian, French, Russian or Vidallia Onion


Caesar Salad w/ croutons

Home-made Garlic Bread or Garlic Sticks & Baguettes or Rolls



Casual Italian Buffet

(minimum of 50)

Caesar Salad

Culinary Creations Eggplant Lasagna

Focaccia Party Sandwiches


Double Fudge Brownies & Apple Strudel

Mexican Fiesta


Home-Style Cooked Salsa & Chips


  Grilled Chicken Fajitas

w/ onions, peppers in a Tequila Lime Sauce

served w/ home-made flour tortillas


Culinary Creations Beef Brisket

served w/ crispy corn shells or home-made flour tortillas

Fixing Platter:

Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Sour Cream, Grated Cheese

 Mexican Style Stewed Black Beans w/ celery, onions, tomatoes, green chilies


Dessert w/ coffee & tea

Choose from other sheet

Specialty Dinners


(Select one)

Mixed Green Salad w/ fresh veggie garnish

Caesar Salad

Coleslaw or Health Salad

Red Potatoe Salad

Cous Cous w/ veggies & lemon vinegarette

Taboulah Salad w/ veggie & Zatar vinegarette

Pasta Salad: Artichoke & Red Pepper, Marinated Veggies, Pesto, Caesar and more.


Pistachio Crusted Chicken stuffed w/ grilled eggplant, portabella mushrooms, asparagus, caramelized onions & fontina cheese with a sun dried tomato & garlic sauce served over greens & rice


Chicken Francaise, Chicken Marsala or Chicken w/ lemon caper sauce\

Served w/ seasonal greens & rice


Grilled Chicken Cattitore w/carrots, celery, mushrooms, onions & peppers.

Simmered in a red sauce served over pasta


Grilled Chicken in a Tequila Lime Sauce w/ peppers & onions

Served over rice & seasonal greens.


Culinary Creations Beef Brisket twice cooked, sliced thinly,

browned to perfection. Smothered with our special gravy

Served with roasted carrots, onions & garlic


Grilled Portabella Mushroom stuffed w/ slowly simmered beef flanken, grilled eggplant topped w/ fontina cheese & red gravy

 served over lemon garlic greens


Marinated Garlic Herb Beef Tenderloin w/ caramelized onions & sauteed mushrooms, port wine sauce, seasonal greens, and rice or potatoes


Specialty Dinners(cont)

Teriyaki Beef Tenderloin w/ home-made teriyaki sauce served with sauteed Chinese style veggies .


Sliced Sirloin w/ caramelized onion & sauteed mushrooms

Served w/ seasonal greens & cowboy beans

Poached Salmon w/ lemon caper sauce ,tequila lime sauce, or sundried tomato & garlic sauce served over mixed greens

Stuffed Baked Salmon w/ mixed seafood & cornbread stuffing w/ lemon caper sauce, tequila lime sauce, lemon dill sauce served over mixed greens

Culinary Creations welcome substitutions.


Dish substitutions


Wild rice pilaf (organic) Roasted garlic herb potatoes

Baked potatoes Garlic mashed potatoes

Baked sweet potatoes

Roasted squash


Veggie substitutions


String beans w/ sun dried tomatoes or almondine Mixed roasted veggies

Sauteed broccoli, carrots & onions w/ garlic oil Steamed broccoli w/cheddar cheese herb sauce Marinated beets w/Dijon vinaigrette


Stuffing Selections

Savory w/ veggies

mushrooms w/ mixed herbs

spicy cornbread sausage

apple pecan w/caramelized onions

wild mushroom stuffing

Culinary Creations Desserts and Pastries

(all from scratch)

Plated Desserts

Cheesecake w/ raspberry sauce

Apple strudel w/ vanilla iced cream

Chocolate torte w/ raspberry sauce

Carrot cake w/ cream cheese frosting

Double fudge brownies w/ fresh whipped cream, chocolate sauce & toasted almonds

Lemon sponge cake w/ fresh strawberries & fresh whipped cream

Decorative Party Cakes ( Assorted)

Double chocolate raspberry cake

Carrot cake w/ cream cheese frosting

Assorted New York style cheesecake

Lemon sponge cake

Honey cake

Lemon pound cake

Chocolate swirl pound cake

Chocolate chip pound cake

German chocolate cake

Apple cake

Assorted sheet cakes (variety of fillings & cakes)

Culinary Creations Desserts and Pastries(cont.)

Assorted Pastry Platter

(Choose 2)

Double fudge brownies (toasted pecan or walnut)

Ruggalah ( raspberry, apricot or chocolate w/ nuts, cinnamon & sugar)

Old world strudel (apple or pear)

Assorted mandelbrot (the Jewish biscotti)

(Chocolate chip & walnut, toasted almond or raisin & nut)

Pecan meltaways

Sesame cookies

Chocolate chip cookies

Peanut butter cookies

Butter cookies

Lemon poppy bow ties

Sugar cookies

Oatmeal cookies

Double chocolate raspberry cake

Carrot cake w/ cream cheese frosting

Assorted New York style cheesecake

Lemon sponge cake

Honey cake

Lemon pound cake

Chocolate swirl pound cake

Breakfast breads & muffins: crumb cake, cinnamon pecan sticky buns, banana, zucchini, pumpkin, blueberry, chocolate chip & corn

Chocolate chip pound cake

German chocolate cake

Apple cake

Assorted sheet cakes (variety of fillings & cakes)

Assorted pies

pumpkin pie, pecan pie, lemon meringue, chocolate & banana crème

We have a large variety of fillings, toppings & crusts. Let’s talk about it!

If you don’t see it please ask for it!

International Extravaganza

All Inclusive Open House Package


International Menu Selection

Delivery & Set-Up

Culinary Creations Presentation Buffet

Fresh Wild Flowers & Garden Fresh Herbs

Decorative Paper Goods

Give them fabulous food and they will follow…….

Middle Eastern

Hummus & Babaganous

Home-made Pita Bread


Chopped Cucumber & Tomato Salad


Mint Iced Tea


Five Spice Chicken in Won Tons

Bok Choy Salad

Fortune Cookies


Grilled Vegetable & Cucumber Sushi Rolls

Cabbage Salad

Fresh Fruit

Tropical Iced Tea


Home-made Stuffed Breads

Salad w/ Italian Vinaigrette

Assorted Biscotti

Iced Coffee


Foccacia Grilled Veggie & Turkey or Beef Sandwiches

Southwestern Pasta Salad

Double Fudge Brownies

Lemon Iced Tea

Minimum 50-100 people (No Substitutions)

Client is responsible for breaking down, clearing off food & packing up items used.

Culinary Creations will pick-up items at the end of your open house.

Service is available for an additional charge.

Culinary Creations’ “Not Just Baskets”

Give the gift of love

Baskets filled with Gourmet Goodies

Order one for that special occasion






Make your gift distinctive and elegant!!!!


Our baskets are made up exclusively for you

Choose from an assortment of:

Handmade Pastries ~ Oven Fresh Bread ~Pastas~

Salsas ~ Flat Breads ~ Fresh Fruits ~ Sauces ~

Coffees ~ Teas

Elegant Chocolates ~ Gourmet Food~ All “ta die for!!!!!”

Wildflowers May to August & Seasonal flowers

Holiday Greens, Candles &

Centerpieces November to January

Ask about our variety of Baskets, Boxes, Bags,

 Bowls & Buckets


Southwestern, Italian, Jewish, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers,

Coffee, Bakers Basket, Junk Basket, Childrens .....

Baskets are priced according to the size and contents

Orders need to be placed 4 days ahead of time, thanks.

Holiday Deadline for Christmas Delivery by December 20, 2000